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Passion Pit - Take A Walk (Gold Fields Remix)

Hot on the heels of their Yelle remix, Gold Fields bring us a remix of the new Passion Pit tune. It’s got a similar vibe to their last remix, starting out with a simple nu-disco vibe, building into a beautiful epic tune.

I’ve already said that I like the new Passion Pit material, but this Gold Fields remix really takes the tune to another level. They nail the summery nu-disco vibe that has been emanating from Australia recently - see Future Classic, Van She, Cadillac et al for more. The guitar that riffs through the middle section is perfect, but only a place-holder for the wonderful piano that takes us through the final section.
It’s evidence that Gold Fields tunes / remixes so far aren’t a one off, but that they are an up and coming force to be reckoned with on the nu-disco / indie-pop scene.

It’s a free download if you sign-up to the Passion Pit mailing list - so get signed up.