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Moonlight Matters - Come For Me EP + remixes

So I’ve talked enough about how amazing Come For Me is, so let’s talk about the other two tracks on the EP.
First up is Standing Up For Love, which is a slow 80s groover with a similar sound to Come For Me, just at a different tempo. The sax solos are epic, cheesy and very 80s soundtrack, just the way they should be.
Finally we have Rain Dance, which gives the illusion of being another laidback 80s soundtrack tune in the intro, but then it whirs into action and it’s all classic Moonlight Matters crashing beats, some rain forest noises and big synths. It’s all combined with some orch-hits, sparkling high-end and plenty of long rising builds.

Then we have a couple of remixes of Come For Me from Herr Styler and Punks Jump Up. Herr Styler does his strange eastern thing over an eerie lo-fi remix. It’s got some pretty mental sounds in it - I think it would sound great on a big system. Then Punks Jump Up take it back to the 80s for a Erodisco style remix, minus the Shep Pettibone. They bring out all the electronic percussion with a super synth bass. It’s a slightly funkier and less “massive” version.