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Goldroom feat. Chela - Fifteen Remixes from Freak You and Oxford

When Goldroom put the acapella of this song out, it was inevitable that there would be bunch of remixes put out. There have not been as many as I thought, but these two are the highlights.

Freak You brings us the remix that this vocal demanded. Something different, something solid, and something equally soundtrack as the original, but with a new touch to it. The squealing guitar pads grate at the same time as sound smooth, the arps tinkle perfectly over the top. The beats are simple, yet effective and all together - it is as Franck says “ethereal”.

Oxford goes into overdrive with his french-touch side-chained pads and Fred Falke bass. His slick, if unoriginal, approach that works well under the vocal and it’s a well produced remix taking the song to a new genre.