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Little Boots - Headphones + remixes

So after a couple of teaser songs from Little Boots, I saw her live at XOYO about a month ago and this song was one of the stand out sing-along, even though you’ve never heard it before tunes. It was pop at it’s best. And it still is when I hear it now in it’s recorded form. It’s catchy, fun, bouncy and funky. Everyone will be shouting “la la lalala la”!

The first remix comes from Dimitri From Paris, continuing his dip into the 80s sounds, he brings us a perfect 80s Shep Pettibone remix (for those who don’t know Pettibone produced amongst others Madonna and Pet Shop Boys - his extended remixes are legendary). It sound very much like Into The Groove and has all the signature 80s elements present. Dimitri has done his research very well and this sounds excellent. Also it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Finally we have a remix from the other pop princess of the moment, Ronika. Ronika has played with the vocals, giving them a very different feel. There’s a hercules & love affair feel to the them, with highly delayed vocals layered on top. Some epic bass and awesome synth layers, which get a solos and journey’s of their own!

Also don’t forget to check out the Todd Edwards remix.


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