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Chew Lips - Do You Chew?

So the Chew Lips are officially back! And great news that is; it’s been far too long since the brilliant clever pop vibes of Unicorn and the live gigs that accompanied it. They’ve started touring and here we have the first full track from the new album, although we did get a quick taste in their recent mixtape.

This tune has a big sound to it, the beats are almost hip-pop of the 90s feeling, especially with the addition of the synth horns. However this still has the distinctive Chew Lips flavour to it, in fact the beefed up horns are my favourite bit. Tigs is sounded as sumptuous as ever and her personality comes through almost as much here, as it does live!

I’m looking forward both to hearing the rest of the album, as well as catching them live on tour. They’ve recently signed to Sony, so it will be interesting to see how this has affected their sound.