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The 2 Bears - Work

Proving that they are more than just a novelty act, The 2 Bears have this tune Work, with a million remixes. Their album “Be Strong” is set for release on 30th Jan.

The original is a great tune, using the piano sound of the moment, I can best describe it as a “dance piano”. Listen and you’ll see what I mean. For me the best remix is the Oliver$ remix, but there’s plenty of selection there for you.

Toddla T adds a rap, it’s not really my kind of thing, but it’s not too bad.

The Oliver$ remix is great, creating a proper disco vibe - very very enjoyable.

Supabeatz turn out a banging dancefloor version.

In contrast we get a more chilled out vibe from Sona Vabos.

Frogs in Socks strip it back for a minimal approach.

Maribou go for the atmospheric spaced-out percussive flavour.

The Mas# remix starts off techy, but gets pretty epic by the build.

The only bad thing is that Southern Fried ruin all the previews they put online with the most annoying voice in the world saying their web address over the top. It sounds terrible and is totally unnecessary, as they are just clips of the songs and are LQ non-downloadable previews online.
If you do have to add something to indicate it’s a preview and stop people ripping it, then do it like Detboi does here.

UPDATE - The 2 Bears have posted the full versions here: