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Moving to pastures a new

It’s with a sad-face that I write this final blog entry on “Big C’s Music” - I’ve mightily enjoyed writing about my favourite tracks and mixes here, but as you will have noticed - I simply don’t have the time any more.

However it’s not all bad news - I will be continuing to blog for Mixermatosis with my friend Joey Remote. So be sure to follow me there and keep up to date with the latest tunes.

I will be posting some new material up on my SoundCloud soon as well - I’m just getting my set-up back together after a move to London.

See you all online or On The Floor.

Big C

Best of 2012

 - Modern nu-disco classics

Kate Bush - Cloudbusting (Mighty Mouse Re Work)

Moonlight Matters - Come For Me (Mighty Mouse Remix)

Oliver - Dirty Talk - (Black Van Remix)

Breakbot - One Out Of Two (Oliver Remix)

Surrender! - Conflicted

Alex Metric - Anybody Else

- Back to the old school

Adamski - I Like It (ATTAR! remix)

Jupiter - One O Six (ANDY remix)

Anna Lunoe & Touch Sensitive - Real Talk

Waze & Odyssey - Street Tracks (Love That Burns Hot Enough / Ma Body)

Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)

 - Club tracks

Jacques Lu Cont - Church

Sam Sparro - Happiness (The Magician remix)

Russ Chimes - Back 2 You

Madeon - Icarus

 - Year of Terje

Todd Terje - Inspector Norse

Hot Chip - How Do You Do? (Todd Terje remix)

Lindstrom - Ra-Ako-St / Eg-ged-osis (Todd Terje extended edits)

- You might have missed

Worship - Saturn 4


Van She - Jamaica

Best of the week’s mixtapes

Blende - September mix 
Alright let’s kick things off with a bang up turbo-funk mixtape from Blende. This guy knows a thing or two about tune selection and great mixes, and he puts it into party action here.

A.N.D.Y. Mixtape Six 
A new mixtape from ANDY - need I say more? As ever it’s just brilliant!

Mark Moore - Veruschka Is In Paris Mixtape 
When Mark Moore makes a mixtape he doesn’t mess around. From the first tune, this is right up my street - an hour of awesome italo inspired tunes.

C90s - Vinyl Mix Sept 2012 
This vinyl only mixtape features lots of MJ-esque tunes, including one of his. With a heavy bias towards the cosmic boogie, it’s a blinder.

Greg Wilson - BESTIVAL BOLLYWOOD 08.09.12 
DJing legend Greg Wilson has uploading his set from Bestival and it’s just what you’d expect - disco & 80s vibes all the way. This guy was one of the top 80s DJs, and he manages to keep his position at the top with mixes like this. 

The very best Mixtapes of the week

—- This week’s specials —-

This is 38 minutes of driving party-time music. It starts as it means to go on, featuring old and new tracks. Also one of my all time faves “It’s A War” .

Luke made Gigi a mix he couldn’t refuse 
Then Luke Million comes in with and hour of 80s partytime italo and boogie, also featuring his new fun tune feat more Arnie samples.

Figure of 8 - MIX 006 
Figure of 8 takes us from pretty tunes to crazy, via some house, disco and deeper stuff. It’s a proper hour long mixtape journey.

—- The stalwarts —-

The Magician - Magic Tape Twenty-Five 
The Magician took a break over the summer, but now he’s back and deeper than before. Still lovely stuff, as we’ve come to expect.

Tronik Youth Club - Sept Mix 2012 
Tronik Youth’s mixtapes are so reliable you can pick any of them, hit play and the night will be great. September ‘12 shows us that he is maintaining that consistency.

Bottin & Dimovi - Can Cosmic Tape #2 
Italian, disco edit superstar, Bottin joins Dimovi to bring us this wonderful journey through edit after edit; apparently recorded earlier this year in Ibiza.

Pelerins - Feeling (Demo)


The fact that Pelerins are still without a label stuns me. They’ve been putting together luscious Balearic tinged disco pop for the last year, starting out with a series of cover versions, but now they have a full demo EP waiting for a label. Every track is beautiful, feel-good, summery, memorable & begging for a release. I think the music should speak for itself - so click play above and start listening…


Madeon - The City

Madeon is reaching new heights on a weekly basis. Although apparently that now means having an exclusive US release, which in the modern internet age is a bit stupid - because it just means those markets that can’t buy the tune will find other ways of getting hold of it. It still baffles me as to why labels still do it.

Anyway the tune is more distinctive epic Madeon 3 minute pop. He does it so well. I played Icarus last night in a club and when those synths kick in, everyone goes mad - he’s got it worked out that boy.

AVAILABLE IN US NOW - the rest of us have to wait until October :(

Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)

I don’t know how I missed this tune back in May, but I’m rectifying the mistake by posting it now.
This tune is a wonderful mixture of deep and dark bass, epic vocals and disco strings. The juxtaposition between the scary and the party vibes works perfectly creating an atmosphere of tense enjoyment!

Apparently it’s out on 12”, but I can’t find it anywhere, so if you know where I can get a copy, let me know.


La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation 2012

La Ga Sta bring us another compilation, full of great tracks, from big artists - all for free. Last summer they brought us a similar compilation and it was a the best free album you could ask for, so I was excited by this one. Little did I know it was going to outdo last year.

They’ve managed to get tracks from the likes of ANDY, Pharao Black Magic, In Flagranti and plenty more to make up a total of 14 tracks.

All of it’s good stuff, I’ll just pick out the ANDY track The Room, which is wonderful. He’s taken the whole tropical sound to another place. It’s deeper and darker and got his distinctive sound.


Best of the week’s mixtapes

The Swiss Selects… Sept 12 
Whilst we await the debut album from The Swiss we can enjoy this brilliant mixtape, starting off all disco and going a bit deeper as it progresses - it’s great stuff.

Cosmonauts - August Top Ten Mix 
It’s another month, which means time for another Cosmonauts mixtape. It’s their classic mixture of cosmic, deep & disco.

Drop Out Orchestra - Mix Session August / September 2012 
Drop Our Orchestra have got another excellent selection of disco-tastic tunes, remixes and edits including a couple of their own.

Psychemagik Live @ Stadtmusik Festival 
This is special: nearly 3 hours of Pscychemagik live. Let them take you on a journey through music starting off slow and building to a storming club set, via all kinds of quirks.

Best of the week’s mixtapes
Click through for tracklistings. 

ATTAR! is back with his 7th mixtape. This time the mixtape is the result of a search through all his old vinyl and finding an eclectic selection of hidden gems.

Aeroplane August 2012 Mix 
Aeroplane had taken a hiatus from the mixtapes, but he’s back with this one and it’s classic stuff from the Belgian.

Zimmer - Paris Plage | Summer Tape 
There aren’t many mixtapes from Zimmer, but this one is brilliant. It’s aptly titled summer tape and feels like it. Lots of lovely summer vibes.

Lenno - Summer Mix Pt. 2 
More summer vibes, this time from Lenno, in the second of his Summer mixes.

Gigamesh Triple J Mix - August 2012 
Gigamesh’s mixtape for Autralian radio station Triple J features lots of his own remixes and originals. Lots to get you partying here.

ELIOT ‘Baby Rollerblade’ Mixtape 
Jessica 6 keyboardist and generally brilliant 80s-vibe producer ELIOT brings us this mixtape, exclusively for HardKandy - so click through to their site to listen.